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Sin Bai Yi Technology Co., Ltd. 薪佰益科技有限公司

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Today is 24,Jan,2018
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About Us
Sheng-E Company was founded in 1980, and has a great progress in business under the lead of Mr KING, the President. Later, the company has texpanded several factories such as, piston plant, piston ring plant, core plant, connecting rod plant and central cylinder plant.
Sin-Bai-Yi Technology Co.,Ltd. – In 2006, Sheng-E Company in order to improve competitiveness and cooperate with governent’s whole enconomy development, set up the new factory in Taina Technology Industrial Park. Introduce the latest equipment and Professional person in order to meet international market’s demand.

We with the principle of “Service is No. 1 “ , always put great attention in developing
New products, operation automation, and strict quality control.

To meet the requirement of industrial promotion and advanced technology, Sheng Yi tries the most to make her operation reasonable and automate her producing process. In order to comply with world standard ISO9002 ,QC1400 the go... [Details]
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